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August 23rd – 8pm:
And the winner is… AURORA! Thank you so much for participating, you guys deserve the prize of 120€ and 1500 Voucher for every team member!
See you at the next Masteries!

August 23rd – 2pm:
The semifinals and finals of the Hexis Masteries 3 are now live!
Twitch – DE:
Twitch – ES:
Youtube – DE:
Nimo – ES:

August 22nd – 2pm:
The Hexis Masteries are live again! The 2nd groupstage and the quarterfinals are now live!
Come and watch!
Twitch – DE:
Twitch – ES:
Youtube – DE:

August 21st – 6pm:
The Hexis Masteries are live again! For the third time, the Hexis Masteries are now live on Twitch and this time also on YouTube!
Come and watch!

August 19th – 6pm:
The countdown begins! The Hexis Masteries 3 is live in two days, starting with the qualifiers on friday at 6pm CEST! Are you excited yet?

August 18th – 7pm:
Welcome to the family, @GGWP_Ruiz! Ruiz will be casting the semifinals and finals on sunday, starting at 2pm! We’re all very happy to have him involved in this project!

August 16th – 6pm:
The schedule for the Hexis Masteries 3 is now publicly available! Head over to the tournament discord to see when the different stages start!
Tournament discord server:

August 13th – 7pm:
Only a cash prize for the first place? Pff common. On the first three places, you can win 1500, 1000 & 500 vouchers, respectively! That makes up for 18k vouchers in total – how cool is that?!

August 11th – 6pm:
Making a tournament without our spanish friends? Not gonna happen!
@DuckCris and a CoCaster of her choice are going to cast the Hexis Masteries 3 in spanish on Twitch at! But what if we told you, it’s not only Cris who’ll broadcast the Hexis Masteries in Spanish?

August 7th – 6pm:
As per usual the Hexis Masteries has a prize pool of 120€! And maybe … we have a little bit more than that for you this time!

August 6th – 9pm:
Buckle up! The registration phase got extended to allow even more teams to join the third instance of the Hexis Masteries! Teams can now register until Sunday 8pm CEST and the live draw takes place on Sunday 8pm!

July 23rd – 9pm:
The schedule is now available! Head over to to see the full schedule!

July 22nd – 12am:
With a slight delay, the rules of the Hexis Masteries 3 are now publicly available in german, english and spanish!

You can look at it on our tournament discord server:

July 21st – 12am:
The time has come! The Hexis Masteries 3 open their gates to every EU community! No limit regarding the amount of teams, get in and fight for 120€ and the title „Hexis Master“!


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