More than just a team - Our history

It all started in 2017 with the idea of founding a team. The game Arena of Valor had only recently been released and so the incentive to try everything out and compete with other players was great. For this reason, Dave "The Hakon" and Manu "IAX" gathered some like-minded people and founded the first eSports team: Hexis eSports. We took part in tournaments and made a name for ourselves in the German-speaking community.

Over time, we became better known, thus the number of members increased both in the team and in the management. In 2018, we initially worked to expand our repertoire by adding more games, but quickly switched our focus to expanding our reach.

2019 saw some initial experience in tournament organisation, as such were hosted by both Manu and Dave in cooperation with other organisations in the Arena of Valor game. Although these tournaments were well received by the community, they were not consistently implemented by the respective organisations and fell into oblivion. So the idea of hosting their own tournaments came up.

And so, in August 2019, the decision was made to host our own tournament. Since that moment, we have been working on our concept of an independent tournament series. Back then under the name "Hexis Invitationals" and today under the name "Hexis Masteries".

In the meantime, we are proud to host 3 teams under Hexis and place great emphasis on treating our team members not only as players, but as what they are in our eyes: Friends and family on their way to making a name for themselves. And we want to actively support them in this! Our vision is thus clearly defined: Every player deserves to be given the opportunity to try everything in eSports and achieve success by pursuing their passion!

  • Dave | The Hakon CEO Dave | The Hakon
  • Lina | Linaxvt Eventmanagement Lina | Linaxvt
  • Saskia | Bijou Junior Manager Saskia | Bijou
  • Jannik | Hiimarni Team leader Jannik | Hiimarni
  • Sven | Moo Eventmanagement Sven | Moo
  • Dave | The Hakon Play by play caster Dave | The Hakon
  • Dave | The Hakon Entertainment Dave | The Hakon
  • Jannik | Hiimarni Gameplay Jannik | Hiimarni