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It is with a heavy heart that we have to announce that Team Hexis eSports Wild Rift is now disbanding after almost 2 years. Thank you for all the great moments you have given us over the long time!

But how did it all come together?
Almost 2 years ago, Hexis eSports approached BingBong eSports and asked if they would like to join Hexis eSports. After approval, many tournaments were played and also changes to the roster were made before the final constellation could emerge

TinyFox – @Lions_wr@curse_wr@Foon_Wr@Awful_ja_lol_ey@Fafnir_WildRift – Sun
All of you have made the journey a very special one and Hexis eSports would not be at the point it is at right now without you. Thank you for all your effort, motivation and time you have given us!

A very special thanks goes to @Yoru__wr
With him as coach, you could almost watch the players progress and his dedication to the team is part of the reason why it lasted for such a long time. We can say with certainty that he is an insanely talented coach and asset to any team!

The chapter Wild Rift is closed for the time being from the point of view of a team at Hexis eSports – but there is also the branch of tournament organisers 👀
Be curious what the future will bring!

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