Hexis Masteries Rules

Tabel of contents

  1. Preamble
    1. Support
    2. Administrators discretion
    3. Scope
  2. Team registration
    1. Registration of teams
    2. Substitutes
    3. Eligibility
    4. Name change
    5. Roster changes
    6. Teamlogo
  3. Course of action
    1. Game periods
    2. Schedule change
    3. Check-In
    4. Player exchange
    5. Before a match
    6. Creation of the lobby
    7. Banned champions
    8. Ban phase
    9. Start of the match
    10. Tournament mode
    11. Leaving during the match
    12. Collusive behaviour
    13. Game results
    14. Livestreams
    15. Match protest
  4. Penalties
    1. Penalty points
    2. Disregard of the scope
    3. Missing / Incorrect player profile data
    4. Unsportsmanlike behaviour
    5. Team / player leaves the match prematurely
    6. Manipulating agreements
    7. Spectator mode
    8. Delay caused by a team
    9. Wrong pick



If there are questions about the rules or problems with the interpretation, the tournament management provides several support options. These include a written exchange or a personal conversation with those responsible.

Administrators discretion

In the event of events that are not covered by this set of rules, the tournament management reserves the right to put an appropriate regulation into effect immediately. Punishments and sanctions are at the discretion of the admins and, unless there are serious changes, do not need to be explained further.


By registering for a competition from Hexis eSports, the rules are automatically accepted.

Team registration

Registration of teams

The team registration takes place via a Google form under the following link:
For successful team registration, at least six players must be registered. That means, five players and a substitute player. In addition, a second substitute player can optionally be registered. If this requirement has not been met, the registration is considered invalid and the players are not eligible to play. If you take part with players who are not registered correctly, please act according to 3.3 Missing / Incorrect player profile data.


Substitute players may not compete in other registered teams. Not even after the own team has left the tournament.


Each player in the registered team must have joined the Hexis eSports tournament Discord server. Link to this:
If you participate with players who are not present on the Discord server or who have been banned with at least one account, one must act according to 3.3 Missing / Incorrect player profile data.

Name change

A name change must be made in consultation with the administrators and corrected in the registration form and, if disregarded, will result in the player’s right to play being withdrawn. If, due to this, a team is unable to prove the minimum number of players entitled to play in the main team, the team is therefore not eligible to play and is eliminated from the tournament prematurely.

Roster changes

The team may only play with the registered players. Changes can be made up to 12 hours before the start of the tournament and must be made in consultation with the administrators and corrected in the registration form.

After the team has been registered, the team logo must be sent to the text channel “cup-registration” provided for this purpose by the captain. If no logo is provided, a placeholder with the first letters of the team name is used. Theft of intellectual property will not be tolerated and will result in exclusion from the tournament. Each team is responsible for itself.

Course of action

Game periods

The administrators announce the period of the games before the start of the tournament. These dates are mandatory, so all teams must be present. In the event of an unexpected expiry, the time periods can be changed by the tournament management in consultation with all teams involved.

Schedule change

If a team is unable to meet the scheduled date, it is possible to request a postponement. For this purpose, a request with a specific exchange request with the respective matchup must be made in the text channel “change-of-dates” provided. If the exchange request from the other team is not possible, the match is considered lost for the team that is not ready to play.


Teams must follow the registration process and confirm their team for the tournament via check-in 30 minutes before the start of the respective game day. For this purpose, the captain of the team verbally confirms the participating players to an admin in the respective team channel. Only registered players can play. Checks are completed 10 minutes before the start of the game day and cannot be rescheduled. If the check-in is missed but is made up for within 15 minutes after the start of the tournament, the first match to be played is considered lost and it will start with the second match of the set. Check-ins after the 15-minute grace period are not permitted, so the team is no longer entitled to take part in the tournament.

Player exchange

Each team may change / replace the players as desired, however, replaced players may no longer play for the respective set. Substitutions must be made in consultation with the tournament management in the #captain-chat channel.

Before a match

All members of a team must be in their designated language channel on the Hexis eSports tournament discord server and be ready to play as soon as the match time has been defined by the administrators. The coach of a team is entitled to stay in the language channel of his team during the hero selection and is required to leave it independently after the selection process has been completed. If this does not happen, unsportsmanlike conduct by a player will be dealt with in accordance with 3.4 Unsportsmanlike behaviour.

Creation of the lobby

The team on the left er else top in the matchup is responsible for creating the first game lobby and inviting the opposing team. If a team is delayed by more than 10 minutes, the team will proceed after 3.8 Delay caused by a team. If a pick is made that is not permitted in accordance with 2.7 Banned champions, proceed according to 3.9 Wrong pick. Viewing within the game is not permitted and will be treated according to 3.7 Spectator mode.

Banned champions

No champion is banned during the tournament. The tournament management can adapt the rules accordingly in the event of corresponding changes.

Ban phase

Bans take turns in the lobby chat, and the team that picks first can also ban a champion first. Each team has two bans available. As soon as a total of four champions have been banned, the game and with it the picking phase begins.

Start of the match

If the games are not broadcast, they should be started independently. If a member of the tournament committee joins the game, the instructions must be followed.

Tournament mode

The game is played in two stages. The first stage includes a group phase in the best of 1 round robin principle with 4 groups of 4 teams. The victories are considered first and, in the event of a tie, the relationship between kills and deaths. The best two teams in each group move into the second stage. This is played according to the single knockout principle. The quarter and semi-finals as well as the game for 3rd place will be played in the best of 3, the final will take place in the best of 5.

Leaving during the match

The current match must not be left by the players. It is acted accordingly after 3.5 Team / player leaves the match prematurely.

Collusive behaviour

Agreements that manipulate or strongly influence the tournament system, such as deliberate loss is prohibited. If there is clear evidence, act according to 3.6 Manipulating agreements.

Game results

The result of every round from the matchup must be entered by the winner within 10 minutes after the end of the set in the designated channel #results via screenshot. If the results are not entered, the matchup is considered a victory for the loser. If the results are contradicted, appropriate proof must be provided. If both teams fail to settle, the matchup in the next round is considered a guaranteed win.


Streams of the games from the perspective of the players during the tournament may only take place in consultation with the tournament management. The administrators provide streamers who comment on the events on the Twitch channel Hexis_eSportsTv. By participating in the tournament, the teams agree to be broadcast publicly. Recordings for subsequent publication on YouTube from your own perspective may be made at any time.

Match protest

If a team feels that they have been treated unfairly, they can submit a match protest to the administrators at any time. This is done through the private contact of the moderation team. The protest must be submitted immediately after the event and include a detailed description. The tournament management assumes the innocence of each player until the opposite is clearly proven. The protest is processed by a management member and can only be completed by this member.


Penalty points

Teams receive penalty points depending on their misconduct. If a team receives two penalty points within a tournament day, it will be disqualified immediately.

Disregard of the scope

  1. If a team (or player) does not agree with the rules and decides not to abide by them, they will be immediately expelled from the competition.
  2. There is also an exclusion if admin decisions, for example in the event of short-term rule adjustments to 2.7 Banned champions, are not accepted or applied accordingly.

Missing / Incorrect player profile data

If a player has played a match without the required player profile data being available or if it is incorrect, the player counts as not authorized to play. All matches played count as lost for the team of the improperly registered player. In the event of subsequent determination, any victories will be revoked, and prizes won must be given to the next legally placed team in the ranking.

Unsportsmanlike behaviour

  1. The assessment of unsporting behaviour, such as insults, disrespectful behaviour, provocative language, and behaviour towards other teams, is at the discretion of the tournament management.
  2. Depending on the severity of the incident, matches can be counted as defeat or players and teams can be expelled from the tournament.

Team / player leaves the match prematurely

Should one or more players leave the current match prematurely for no apparent reason, the player’s team has no right to an interruption or pause. The match is aborted immediately and counts as a defeat for the outnumbered team.

Manipulating agreements

If teams have made manipulative agreements with concrete consequences for the tournament, they will be ruled out immediately. The tournament management decides on organizational consequences for the current competition.

Spectator mode

If there is a spectator in the lobby who is not part of the tournament management or commentators, the match will not start. If the game starts, it will be repeated. If a player has committed this violation, he is expelled from the tournament.

Delay caused by a team

If a team has not entered the lobby in full within the specified time limit, the current match of the respective set is automatically lost for the team that has not started. In addition, the team that has not started receives one penalty point.

Wrong pick

If a team chooses a hero banned according to 2.7 Banned champions, the match must be ended as soon as possible, and the current match is repeated with identical picks and bans. If there is another wrong pick, the current match is considered lost and the offending team receives a penalty point.