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That’s right! For the first time, Hexis eSports is involved in the organizational part of a league! For a long time, we had the idea to do it by ourselves but ultimately, with the Hexis Masteries in mind, it would be too much of a burden to carry. With the addition of Cris from the Lepreducks to our caster team, this situation changed quite drastically however. She already single-handedly organized a league with 12 teams participating in it – kudos to you Cris, you truly deserve our respect and appreciation!

Now having Cris as a partner, we began thinking about a league that would target a different group of players. Right now, the Hexis Masteries is already looking for every player in Europe, however it’s more of a semi-professional players tournament rather than the top players. This didn’t go unnoticed by more professional players as they demanded for an event that not only lasts longer than a single weekend but also includes top players from Europe to compete in a pro league. Said and done!

The Duxcis League is looking for pro player teams who are willing to fight against seven other teams in a single round robin league format over the prize of 200€ for first place, 50€ for second place and 30€ for third place. Two matches each will be played sequentially in a BO3 format on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, starting from 6pm CEST and ending at about 9pm. Having only one match at a time, every single match will be broadcast not only in Spanish, but also in German and possible even English!

Are you interested in watching the league or even participate in it? Then head over to the Duxcis League Discord server to receive every information about the league and everything around it!
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